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For Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the living Guru and is treated with the utmost reverence. This is the greatest gift from the Sikh Gurus to Sikhs and all humankind. 

With the Grace of the the Almighty Waheguru, the Sikh Missionary Society of USA was established on the historic and auspicious occasion of the "Tercentennial Birth of the Khalsa Panth: in April of 1999.  Since then, the Sikh Missionary Society of USA has been successfully providing religious services to the Sikh Sangat in the Bay Area and beyond.  The Sikh Missionary Society of USA is a non-profit and non-political organization that is fully committed to preaching the divine message of the Guru Granth Sahib that is for all mankind.

With the Guru's Grace and the absolute support and cooperation of the Sikh community, the Sikh Missionary Society of USA has been providing our services to thousands of Sikh families.  Through the preaching of Gurbani, we have touched the hearts of countless people and with the Guru's Grace we are committed to continue these services.

We are pleased to dedicate this website to the service of the Sikh Sangat so we can educate and communicate with more people and get feedback from the community.

"Gurbani es jag me chaanan karam vaseh man aaye." 
(Sri Raag Mahala 3rd p. 67)
Translation: Gurbani is the light to illuminate this world. By his grace, it comes to abide within the heart and mind. 
(From the Guru Granth Sahib p.67)

"Baani guru, guru hai baani, vich baani amrit saare. 
Gurbani kaihe sevak jan maane, partakh guru nistaare." 

(Nat Mahala 4th p.982)
Translation: The Guru's sacred word (baani) is Guru and the Guru is baani (divine word). Within baani, the ambrosial nector is contained. If his humble devotee believes and acts according to the divine words of Guru's baani, then the Guru himself emancipates him.
(From the Guru Granth Sahib p.982)